It’s just past the shortest day. The mountain air is clear and fresh. It’s the time of the year to curl up in front of a wood fire. Winter is a great time to see wildlife. Lyrebirds forage and sing around the garden and in the forest. It’s mating season!

If you’re lucky you can see the male spreading his tail and dancing on his earth mound. You’ll certainly hear them!  Have a look at the video we made in the forest at Lyrebird Cottages. It’s beautiful just to spend some time in the forest walking on our Lyrebird Walk.

Wombat Spotting

Wombats are up early too, from dusk onwards, they graze at the side of the road or around the garden. There’s  a good chance of spotting one. Driving home the other night, we saw 3 wombats and a deer within the space of 100 metres.